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1. How are the wedoo™ Photobook printed?

wedoo™ Photobook are printed on the latest digital printing press. The combination of our high quality printing
and paper stock used with this top of the range printing press is guaranteed to last for an extended period of
time when treated properly.

2. What sort of paper do you use?

We use acid-free, satin finish paper stock (non gloss) that is the result of a lengthy analysis of different paper
alternatives to bring your photos to life in the best way.

3. How are the wedoo™ Photobook bound?

wedoo™ Photobook use a binding technique which allows you to present and enjoy your photobook in the best
possible way.

4. How do I care for my wedoo™ Photobook?

We do not give any warranty on our personalised wedoo™ Photobook. However, our wedoo™ Photobook are printed using the latest in digital printing technology with only the best consumables and paper stock, therefore we estimate the longevity of the products to exceed that of its owners. All is good and well if you care for your wedoo™ Photobook properly by treating it with respect as well as storing it in a dry shaded place.


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wedoo™ software

1. How do I install the wedoo™ software?

Double click on the downloaded installation file and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to have Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework installed in your system before the wedoo™ software can be operated.

2. Which OS version is required?

You must have a PC with either Windows XP or Vista installed with the latest version of Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework. If possible, you should keep your system updated to the newest standard, so that the wedoo™ software runs smoothly and quickly.

3. Is the wedoo™ software free?

Yes. Our exclusive wedoo™ software is a freeware and is absolutely complimentary for the creation and order of your wedoo™ albums. However, the wedoo™ software is not available on an Apple Macintosh platform for now. wedoo™ can only operate within a Windows operating system.

4. How would I know when a wedoo™ software update is available?

We will inform all registered members via email should a new software update be available. You will need to download the update from our website.

5. I don't want to download the wedoo™ software. Are there any other alternatives?

Yes, you can design your wedoo™ Photobook at any wedoo™ kiosk.

6. Must I be connected to the internet to design my wedoo™ Photobook?

No. The wedoo™ software operates independently on your PC once you have downloaded it from our website. However, Internet connection is required to initially download the software. You must also be connected to the net when you wish to download any updates or send the order file through.

7. I have questions regarding the wedoo™ software, where can I find out more?

If you have any other questions we’ve not covered, please email us at


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Ordering your wedoo™ Photobook

1. I have finished creating my wedoo™ Photobook. How can I place an order?

Once you have completed your wedoo™ Photobook, save the file on your PC. You may choose between two methods of sending us the file for printing; online or offline. To send your file through the internet please use the ‘order' button on the top menu bar of the wedoo™ software screen. Follow the prompts, fill in all the necessary information and choose the ‘Upload’ option when applicable. You should receive a notice on the screen saying the upload was successful. To send your file to us on a CD, please use the ‘order’ button on the top menu bar of the wedoo™ software screen. Follow the prompts, fill in all the necessary information and choose the ‘Burn to CD’ option when applicable. Please label the CD clearly with your contact details and drop it off at your nearest wedoo™ Authorised Agent.

2. Can I order several copies?

You may order as many copies as you like provided they are of the same design and specifications.

3. How much does a wedoo™ Photobook cost?

Prices depend on a number of variables, including the style, the number of pages and the number of copies ordered. For full details, please refer to www.wedoo™

4. Is it also possible to order via CD?

When placing the order, you can choose to send it offline (using CD-R). All relevant order data must be burnt onto the CD. Then drop the CD at your nearest wedoo™ Authorised Agent.

5. What do I do if my upload is interrupted?

Simply send the order again. The process will continue from the point of disruption.

6. How can I be sure my online order has been received?

You will receive an order confirmation via email when your order is uploaded to our system correctly. If this is not the case, please check your spam filter. If you do not receive a confirmation email then we probably have a wrong email address for you and the confirmation email was sent to the wrong email address. In that case, please contact our support at wedoo™ and we will make sure you receive your confirmation email.

7. How long will it take before I receive my wedoo™ Photobook?

Your wedoo™ Photobook should be ready and delivered to you within ten (10) working days from the date your order was accepted.

8. Can I see the current status of my order?

Yes, along with your invoice you will gain access to our order-server which enables you to verify the current status of your order whenever you please.

9. What happens if an error occurs while transmitting the order file?

Exceptional cases may occur that our order server is overloaded. Please try again later.

10. Can I modify my wedoo™ Photobook after I have placed my order?

No, we will not be able to make any changes to your wedoo™ Photobook after your order has been placed.

11. Can I send amendments through once my order has been processed?

No, once you have completed your wedoo™ Photobook and it has been sent to us, it automatically goes to the printing press. If you have encountered an error and wish to fix it please contact us urgently and we’ll do our very best to attempt and stop the file from being printed, while you send us a new file.

12. Can I follow the status of my wedoo™ Photobook order?

wedoo™ sends several status notifications to your nominated email address to keep you informed of your order status. Should there be any delays we will also inform you as soon as possible. You may also log into ‘My Account’ through our website to follow the status of your order.

13. What happens if I wish to cancel my wedoo™ Photobook order?

The wedoo™ production process is fully automated and is sent directly from your PC to the printing press. This means orders cannot be cancelled once they have been placed.

14. What if I am not happy with my wedoo™ Photobook?

Contact us via and we will discuss the issues you have with your wedoo™ Photobook. In most cases we will be happy to replace the photobook for you or give if you a refund if you so wish.


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Creating your wedoo™ Photobook

1. How many photos can I fit into my wedoo™ Photobook?

wedoo™ Photobook offer a wide range of photobook sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from. While we recommend about 100 photos for a 20-page wedoo™ Photobook, you can opt for one image per page or as many as 16 images per page on the landscape/portrait photobook. It is not essential to have images on every page. You may allot any number of pages you like for text only.

2. How many pages make up a wedoo™ Photobook?

wedoo™ offers a wide range of photobook thicknesses depending on different considerations such as your budget for your wedoo™ Photobook and the kind of cover you select. You can opt for a minimum of 20 internal pages (10 sheets) or a maximum of 100 pages (50 sheets). We regret that at the moment we are not able to execute any print photobook exceeding 100 internal pages.

3. Can I use uploaded scanned photos with the wedoo™ software?

Yes, you can. But do ensure that the picture resolution is high enough to conform with your required standards when you send your completed photobook to us for printing.

4. Can I upload text files or graphic files (clip art) to be used with the wedoo™ software?

Yes, you can.

5. Can I choose the colour of the wedoo™ Photobook, the layout and size of the images?

Yes, you can.

6. How many different sizes of wedoo™ Photobook are there?

We offer four (4) different sizes, namely:-
1) 8" x 8" (square)
2) 12"x 12" (square)
3) 8.5" x 11" (landscape)
4) 11" x 8.5" (portrait)

7. Which color space and resolution should my pictures be?

We only accept RGB colour profiles. The minimum resolution of your pictures should be 300 dpi.

8. What is the recommended photo quality to use for a background image?

When used as a background, images are rendered transparent and give a washed-out effect to create better contrast. The resolution of a background image does not have to be as high as that of a full-colour image. We recommend that when using a background on a portrait photobook you should use at least a 3MP image. If it is for a double-page spread of the same size, you should use a 6MP image. The wedoo™ software editor will assist you in the specific requirements in each individual case.

9. What is the recommended photo quality to use for a cover image?

When inserting your own images for the cover page you have several options. If you choose to use a photo as a solitary image on the cover, the quality of that should be exceptional. For a portrait photobook cover, we recommend that you use at least a 6MP image. When inserting a photo into one of the pre-designed covers, that photo should be of similar quality as that of the other photos inside the photobook.

10. How do I choose layouts, backgrounds and photos?

The wedoo™ software works on the basic concept of ‘drag and drop’. Simply stand the cursor on the desired image on the screen and drag it onto the designated page of your wedoo™ Photobook. To change a layout, background or photo, simply ‘drag’ your latest choice and ‘drop’ it on top of the existing one. The software elements, such as the photos and layouts appear on the left side of the screen, while your computer function is presented on the right side of the screen. This enables you to access your photos and incorporate them into the photobook.

11. How do I edit photos?

Simply double click once on the photo that has been dragged onto the page in order to enter the editor screen.

12. What are wedoo™ templates?

wedoo™ templates are professionally pre-designed templates which allow you to produce wedoo™ Photobook of professional standards. The templates refer to the options for page layouts as well as designs for backgrounds and covers. Each category has a scroll-down menu which allows you to easily navigate between the various templates available when selecting the one of your choice. These features simplify the process of designing your wedoo™ Photobook while offering you the flexibility and look of a professional product.

13. How do I insert text?

When selecting your page layout, you will notice that there are pre-selected locations for images as well as text. Choose a layout that suits your needs. When a text box is included in the page layout (in most cases it is) it is clearly marked “double click to edit text”. By double clicking that box you may edit the text as you wish or insert your own text. Please spell check your text as we won't be able do it for you!

14. What fonts can I use for my text?

The wedoo™ software offers a wide range of English fonts and also supports all other fonts installed on your PC through Windows. When choosing your fonts make sure to choose a colour that contrasts well with the background and a size that can be easily read.

15. What if I don’t insert any text in a text box?

In that event the text box will disappear and not affect the visual appearance of the page.

16. How can I crop a photo?

Once you have inserted the desired photo into the page layout, double click on it to reach the edit screen. When in edit mode simply stand the cursor on any of the outlined corners of the image and drag it around to crop the image as you like; to implement this press the ‘save' button.

17. Can I scan images into the wedoo™ software?

Yes, of course you may. Simply choose the best possible resolution on your scanner and save the file in .jpeg format. You may then insert it you would any other image into your wedoo™ Photobook.

18. What function does the blue border perform?

The blue border de-limits the tolerance range for the wedoo™ production. This range is absolutely necessary in order to cope with production tolerances when cutting your book to size or covering with the dust jacket. Surfaces, backgrounds and images touching the border must be extended up to the top black line. Only this way may tolerances in the book production be evened out, failing which the cutter will remove a millimetre next to a black end-surface and an unwanted white "flash" will appear. It therefore follows that an image to be printed must be mounted to fit. Care shoulbe taken to ensure that important elements such as letters do not overflow into the blue area.

19. What are my options for the covers?

wedoo™ Photobook allow you to design and produce not only your very own photobook, but also its cover. You can choose from several options for the design of your cover page. You can personalise the photobook by inserting your your own image on the entire cover. You may choose to take advantage of the many professionally designed covers available in the software and simply add your chosen photo(s) in the corresponding places. Alternatively you can choose to have a plain cover without a personalised image at all.

20. Can I change the photobook style or the page numbers?

The photobook style is selected at the beginning of the editing process. You can style, insert, remove and edit any element while you are working on your wedoo™ Photobook. You can add extra pages at the end of your work and you can remove pages from the end, all in accordance to the style of the wedoo™ Photobook you are creating.

21. Can wedoo™ software create a print photobook for me?

wedoo™ software has an ‘Autofill' option, which is offered automatically at the beginning of every new photobook design. Simply follow a few simple prompts and you’ll have a wedoo™ Photobook designed in no time. After the ‘Autofill' has completed its job you may still make manual changes if you so wish.

22. Can I work on several photobooks at the same time?

Yes, the wedoo™ software creates a file under “My wedoo™" folder on your PC for every photobook you create and save. You can save at any stage and return to the same file whenever you choose. You can work on two photobooks at the same time as they are separate files.

23. Who owns copyright on my personal wedoo™ Photobook?

You do! It is your responsibility to obtain all rights, whenever necessary, for the contenst uploaded onto your wedoo™ Photobook. wedoo™ acts as a photobook printing service and not a publishing company. It is does not own or is answerable for copyright in any of the photobooks or their contents.


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1. What payment methods does wedoo™ accept?

The wedoo™ website is set up for easy and secure credit card payments. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard. For any special requirements please contact us on 03-78850101 to discuss the possibilities.

2. How are my details secured?

Your wedoo™ order file is a propriety file and encrypted so that it can only be opened and read by Advation Sdn Bhd. This is done to assure you that all your personal information, the contents of your wedoo™ Photobook as well as your personal details (including payment details) are secured while in transition.

3. Which payment transaction provider do you work with?

The execution of payment transaction when ordering wedoo™ is provided by our partner, iPay88 which meets the newest security requirements in all respects.

4. Are my data subject to privacy protection?

We take the privacy and security of the personal data of our clients and software users very seriously. For this reason we do not directly take on any bank or credit card details; iPay88 was audited in view of data security and is committed to the privacy protection of your data.

5. Explanatory notes:

Together with your order, we receive numerous data. Amongst others, your master data (name, address, email & contact number) and in addition order-relevant data like the delivery address. All these data are needed and used by us for the order processing and the production of the ordered wedoo™ Photobook. When handling the order, we reserve the right to assign specific tasks to selected business partners. For this, some of your data might be needed by them. We commit our business partners to treat these data confidentially, to use them only for designated purposes and to delete them after usage.

6. Are my bank details secure with you?

wedoo™ does not take on any bank account or credit details and process these in your name. The whole online-payment transaction process is being done by our audited service provider iPay88. The payment transaction of your wedoo™ Photobook is made after receipt of the order confirmation via an encrypted internet connection to our order-server, in your personal customer account there.


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1. How soon can I expect my wedoo™ Photobook?

We will do our utmost to despatch your order using our courier service within ten (10) working days of receipt of your order and payment.

2. How is the wedoo™ Photobook packaged and delivered?

wedoo™ Photobook are packed with care and in specially designed packages to allow for maximum protection during delivery. They are then delivered through our courier service.

3. What are the delivery charges?

There are no additional delivery charges. The price you see on our website is inclusive of delivery charges (limited to within Malaysia only).

4. Is the delivery of my wedoo™ Photobook possible on an appointed date?

It is not possible to accelerate or preferentially handle the production or despatch. If you need to receive your order at a specific date, then you should submit your order in time.

5. What if the delivery of my order delayed?

In the event that there is any delay of your order you are advised to email

6. Will my wedoo™ Photobook be well packed?

All wedoo™ Photobook undergo a final quality control and are then manually, individually packed into special book-shipping cardboard box. This way your order will arrive safely in your hands.

7. What needs to be done in case of loss or damage to my order?

A loss or damage of the consignment is very rare. In this case though, we can help you quickly. Please contact our support centre at

8. What happens if my wedoo™ Photobook order is damaged during delivery?

We do our best to pack and deliver your wedoo™ Photobook to you in a speedy and secure manner. However, in the event your wedoo™ Photobook was damaged in the course of delivery, please contact us via and we will send a replacement as soon as possible at no cost to you.


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